Community Organizations

The Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development is a community based, not for profit organization founded by the Town of Olds, Olds College, Olds Agricultural Society and the Olds and District Chamber of Commerce focused on community and economic development.

We are that group of people that pondered “what if” and then moved to action through community engagement. Visit Site

The Town of Olds, population 8511 is a town of opportunity with a lifestyle to match. Centrally located along the busy QEII corridor, Olds is a major service centre and regional market for over 40,000 people in Mountain View County. Olds is a forward thinking gig community.

We have many of the amenities you usually only find in larger centres. We have a vibrant cultural scene and strong social network. We are recognized for our collaborative nature. Visit Site

The mission of the Olds Agricultural Society is to promote the awareness and understanding of agriculture’s vital role in the community, respectful of a rich heritage with a progressive focus on innovation for the future. The Olds Agricultural Society hosts over 717 days of activity each year.

The organization draws large numbers of people and events to the community and plays a very supportive role to both agriculture and youth development. Visit Site

Olds College has been a leader in practical hands on learning for over a hundred years. Building on our strengths in agricultural we have broadened our offerings and developed expertise in focused areas.

Our emphasis on innovative learning and applied research has resulted in graduates who are in demand and have the tools they need to succeed. Students benefit from the college’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence in education. Visit Site

The vision of the Olds and District Chamber of Commerce is to see our vibrant community continue to grow and prosper. As the voice for business, the Chamber represents an active membership of community minded entrepreneurs focused on trade, skills development and networking.

The Chamber recognizes that a strong and diverse economy is critical to the health of the community and strives to create the best environment for doing business. Visit Site

Lined with heritage buildings and picturesque streets, Uptowne Olds is the beautiful and historic centre of the community. Whether you want to take in a car show, go on a Zombie Stop or attend an Olds Fashioned Christmas event you will likely find it in the centre of the community.

Uptowne’s unique shopping, charming cafes and fine dining make it a destination for visitors. Visit Site