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What do they do? Coaches are adults who volunteer to help other adults read or become stronger readers, learn English, prepare for the GED, learn computer skills and improve general math skills. How it works? Coaches are matched with adult learner in their hometown. Together they develop a schedule and decide on the public meeting …Read More


“In Support of our Community Hospitals” PRIZES: 2017 BUICK VERANO, 2017 FORD ESCAPE, 7 DAY TRIP FOR 2 RIU REGGAE RESORT JAMAICA WITH SHIRLEY’S TRAVEL, GROCERIES FOR A YEAR, GAS FOR A YEAR, AND A CASH PRIZE OF 2,500.00 TICKETS: 1-$10, 3-$20, 9- $50, 20- $100 DRAW DATES: Early Bird- August 15, 2017 and Final …Read More