What is our story?

Every town has a story to tell, something that is unique and only their own.

What is our story? What makes Olds — Olds?

We all sell our community whether we know it or not. We visit with friends and family who live in other parts of the world, and we tell them what’s happening here at home. We make business connections at conferences, and people ask, “What do you like about Olds?” and “What’s interesting about your home town? Why do you live there?” And of course, whenever we make a comment or post on social media, we broadcast to the world how we feel about our community.

We want to know… what is it that YOU are selling about our growing town? What do you think is most interesting? Why do you choose to live here? What would you tell people to get them to come visit, stay, or build a business in Olds?

Everything Olds has a mission to tell the story of Olds. Help us do that by sharing your ideas with us.

10 short questions. 10 short minutes.

Please join us in creating our story.